About the band

Deep in the dark, swampy wastelands of Blackpool, where the atmosphere is murky and amphibious, two men make music.

Not ordinary men, and not ordinary music…

Kicking off in the deepest, darkest era of the 1990s as a rockabilly DJ set, the creepseeds sewn upon stage by the ex-Sex-Fiend host and his top-hat toting MC were always bound to mutate, twist and swell into something bigger, meaner, heavier…

Shoot forward to the 2000s – possessed by the spirit of the Cramps’ Lux Interior, a dozen vintage horror films and a cosmic array of props and vinyl, Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show are the strange – but irresistibly entertaining – result.

The inimitable duo of Ratfink (of Alien Sex Fiend fame) and Vince Ripper (of Rippersville legend) are a spooky, sensory assault on mankind from the great beyond. Old school stage effects, 3D glasses, smoke, lights and mirrors form a macabre entourage quite like no other, peppered in the g(l)ory days of Shock Rock.

Now, the spookiest, dirtiest DJ duo in the world are back; and have dumped the hearse for a more interstellar mode of transport. It’s a cosmic cataclysm of tunes and terrors. Coming soon to a spaceport (or venue) near you – expect Bowie, expect the Blob, expect out of this world spooks and expect pure, unbridled showmanship. The Ripper and the Rodent have gone space age!

Their unique DJ set has toured the country – playing for the likes of DV8 York, Nottingham’s Batronic Club, the world famous Whitby Goth Weekend, and even the Monster Raving Looney Party. Up next is their plan for world domination – with pencilled in performances for the United States, Europe and Mexico.

There’s nothing quite like them. There’s nothing to stop them – Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show are here to stay.

And are coming soon to a boneyard near you…!



Vince ripper and the rodent show